The Minister of Construction and Urban Development B.Munkhbaatar submitted a revised draft of the Law on Land /Draft Law on Cadastre, Draft Law on Allocation of Land to Citizens of Mongolia for Ownership, Draft Law on Land Acquisition based on Necessary Social Needs and Draft Law on Land Fees/ to the Speaker of the State Great PARLIAMENT G.Zandanshatar today /June 17, 2022/.

       The current Land Law has been amended a total of 32 times since its enactment in 2002.

       During the course of social and economic development, it became difficult to regulate the multilateral relations related to the emerging land with the 2002 Land Law. Therefore, there are many issues that need to be addressed by improving and amending the law.

       The revised draft of the Land Law is:

  • Ensure cross-sectoral coordination through integrated land planning;
  • Allocating priority land to target groups for the construction of private houses, gers and fences,
  • Citizens and legal entities to put their land into open economic circulation through online exchange,
  • Transfer of owned land,
  • Use for trade and services,
  • Allocation of land under multi-owner buildings to their owners as jointly owned land,
  • The establishment of a land dispute resolution council will speed up the dispute resolution process.

 In addition, the draft law will create a legal environment for land acquisition and compensation of citizens and legal entities based on urgent social needs.

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