Geospatial Information and Technology division


    The purpose is to implement spatial information and technology issues or location-based spatial information managementanda unified policy, to support social and economic policies, planning and decision-making through basic spatial information and servicesin nationwide, and to disseminate them to the public.

Main functions:

  • To ensure the normal, safe and reliable operation of organizational and local networks, hardware, software and systems by introducing advanced information technology and geographic information system solutions in the sector;
  • Integrate spatial information based on geodetic and cartographic themes based on thematic maps, land management, construction, urban development, and land cadastre in accordance with the unified database standardand to establish a distribution system with easy access and search for location-based spatial data and information by building the organization's spatial data infrastructure;
  • Establish a system of policies, legal frameworks and standards related to the collection, processing, storage, protection, dissemination and use of location-based spatial data and information;
  • Ensure innovative, secure, quality, availability, dissemination and transparency of location-based spatial information and services by expanding cooperation with location-based spatial data providers and user organizations, and providing integrated management of spatial databases.
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