Department of Public Administration and Cooperation


    Implement the organization's medium-term strategy and performance plan, improve the legal environment in the sector, ensure the implementation of legislation, improve the effectiveness of performance planning, expand cooperation, provide leadership in public administration and human resource management, and provide legal basis for legal acts and documents, monitor its implementation, and implement integrated public administration and professional management. 

Main functions:

  • Identify the products needed by the sector's consumers, implement the organization's medium-term strategic plan, develop plans of projects and cooperation, submit them for joint discussion, approve them, and ensure their implementation;
  • To inspect and certify the works and services implemented in the sector together with the beneficiaries, and to monitor the implementation of the existing instructions, procedures, rules and technological solutions;
  • Maintain human resource records, build capacity, monitor the internal work organization and operational implementation, set standard requirements for internships and practices in the field of land administration, geodesy, cartography, and urban development, identify training needs and train;
  • Compile legislation, decisions of the state parliaments and government, action plans of agencies and structural units, their implementation and documentation, monitor and evaluate the quality of implementation;
  • Ensuring foreign and domestic cooperation;
  • To provide legal basis for contracts and other decisions, to provide legal and professional support to agency director, heads of structural units and specialists;
  • To provide and organize unified management of the Agency's official document record, and to resolve applications and complaints submitted by citizens and business entities;
  • To discuss issues of issuance, extension and cancellation of the license of a legal entity to conduct geodetic and cartographic activities, the right of a professional organization to conduct land management and land cadaster activities, and the right to develop urban development documents by working group meeting, and to approved the relevant decision by the Ministry of Construction and Urban Development in accordance with relevant procedures.

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