Archive and Information center


    It is to implement integrated management of state and organizational archives, inventory of archival documents, unified database, storage and protection of state and official secrets, laboratory of geodetic metrological, and integration of geodetic measurements.

Main functions:

  • Collectofficial information of the organization's archives, create a database, archive and serve customers;
  • Collectofficial information of the state archives of the sector, create a database, archive and serve customers;
  • To monitor the securityand protection of state secrets and cooperate with other organizations and departments;
  • To organize the work that to register and promote the historical maps and related documents created as a result of the activities of the sector kept in the state archives of the sector in the unique values of the archives; to keepand protect valuable documents and heritage of historical and cultural,to serve and distribute to the public;
  • To operate a geodetic metrology laboratory and ensure the integrity of geodetic measurements;
  • To create a legal environment for the state archives of the sector, to develop procedures, instructions, standards and handbook, to conduct research and analysis.

Archive and Information center

To organize activities to preserve and protect state secrets

Geodesy and topographic map database

Land management database

Aerial and satellite image database

Cadastral database

Organizational formal documents and evidence database 

Geodetic measuring instrument verification laboratory

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