Urban Development division


    Develop state policy, legislation on urban development, population settlement, general settlement development project, regional, tourism, infrastructure project, free zone, city and village development master plan, urban redevelopment project and other stage documents, to manage and organize implementation at the national level.

Main funcions:

  • Implement and promote the state policy and legislation on urban development, ensure its implementation, and develop research and proposals to improve them;
  • Conduct territoryplanning, urban development research, to organize the development and implementation of population acclimatizationand settlement development general projects, regional, tourism, infrastructure projects, free zones, city and village development general plans, urban redevelopment projects and other stage documents,to ensure coordination, provide professional management, advice and methodology, monitor, analyze and increase efficiency;
  • To develop, enforce, promote and inform legal and normative documents to be followed in urban development and urban redevelopment, and to monitor their implementation; 
  • Identify human resource needs in the sector, train personnel, train specialists and take measures to improve their skills;
  • Receive, register and review documents related to the issuance, extension and revocation of the right to develop urban development documents, conclude contracts with authorized legal entities, monitor activities, issue conclusions, receive reports and maintain a database;
  • To organize the work of issuing expert conclusionon urban development documents, to provide services, to select citizens and legal entities, to authorize and monitor experts to conduct expert examinations on urban development documents;
  • Provide professional and methodological guidance to aimag, capital city and city chief architects and local urban development departments.

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