Organizational structure

Director general

Deputy Chairman

Department of Public Administration and Cooperation

Non-staff professional council

Geodesy and Cartography division

Land management division

Land Monitoring division

Land Cadaster division

Spatial information and technology division

Archive and information center

Urban Development division

Urban cadastre division

Finance division

Land Office of the Capital city and 9 districts, Land administration, construction and urban development office of 21 aimags, land officer of 360 soum /Administration unit/ 

Common Functions:

1.            To monitor the implementation of legal documents in the sector nationwide;

2.            To manage the activities in the sectors of the land management, geodesy, cartography and urban development on the basis of the valid legal documents and to provide consumers with information and professional methodology;

3.            Ensuring the cooperation of beneficiaries in the implementation of the activities within the Agency's responsibilities, improving the cooperation of professional and other organizations and the capacity of the sector;

4.            To perform the tasks assign by the State Great Parliament, the Government and the state central administrative unit in charge of land matters, to follow the directions and to provide accurate information from time to time;

5.            To introduce the information on planned and completed activities on the agency's website timely and accurately.

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