Land management database

    The land management sector in Mongolia was established in 1954, and the Land Management Database was established by Resolution No. 19 of 1974 of the Central Committee of the Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party and the Council of Ministers. The first document in the land management database is the 1959 inter-farm land management source. This is followed by the following documents with instructions and procedures for the 1961 Atar Survey, Pasture Irrigation Survey, Inland Land Management Survey, Soil Survey, Plant Survey, and Land Management. These include:

·         Inter-farm land management research documents - 447,

·         Atar, pasture, soil, vegetation and irrigation research documentation –2952,

·         Land disputes and other deeds -25,

·         State inspection and quality assurance of pasture, urban, fallow and cultivated land, protected areas -1185,

·         Inventory and report of the Unified Land Fund -452,

·         Topographic maps with a scale of 1:25 000-1: 100 000-8462, - 8462,

A total of 14,436 depository unit documents are stored.

    Documents are stored in the form of reports, paper, calcine, synchronized maps, topographic maps of borders, and electronically. These research papers are used as a guide for official use by organizations, research institutes, university students, and professional organizations working in the field.

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