Land Management division


    Develop land management plans at all levels, plan sustainable land use based on comprehensive information on geology, environmental conditions, natural conditions and resources, ensuring citizen and community participation and cross-sectoral coordination, and conduct land management activities nationwide; to establish a unified database system of land management plans and to organize the implementation and monitoring of land management activities nationwide.

Main functions:

  •    Organize nationwide development, implementation and monitoring of land management plans at all levels, and provide unified management of land management activities;
  •      To assess the suitability and necessity of land use based on the data of natural conditions, resources and basic socio-economic research of all categories of land of the Unified Land Fund, to organize land use planning in accordance with it, to organize and monitor the implementation of sustainable land management;
  •       Establish and maintain a unified database of land management plans at all levels;
  •       To receive, register and review documents related to the issuance, extension and revocation of the license of a professional organization to conduct land management activities, conclude a contract with an authorized legal entity, monitor its activities, issue an assessment, receive reports and maintain a database;
  •      To deal with land management and boundary issues of administrative and territorial units;
  •     To manage the land of the state special needs land, to organize the acquisition, issuance and certification of land for the state special needs.
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