Geodesy and Cartography division


    The purpose is to establish and upgrade all types of geodetic networks, provide topographic and thematic digital maps, address them, create a database, and implement integrated management of geodetic and cartographic activities to determine the shape and size of the territory in the integrated coordinate and height system of the territory of Mongolia.

Main functions:

  •      Establish an integrated network of locations and elevations suitable for the territory of Mongolia, provide them on the basis of mapping, and determine the shape and size of the territory
  •       Provide small, medium and large scale (above-ground and underground) topographic maps;
  •       Provide a confirmed basic map for thematic digital mapping of all scales;
  •       To determine the geographical name of Mongolia and to manage the enrichment of geographical names;
  •       Maintain an addressing database;
  •       Receive, register and review documents related to the issuance, renewal and revocation of a license to conduct geodetic and cartographic activities, monitor and evaluate the activities of a licensed legal entity, conclude a license agreement, receive and evaluate a report on the fulfillment of contractual obligations, and maintain a database;
  •       Conduct geodetic and cartographic research, such as determining the shape and size of the earth, horizontal and vertical movements of the earth's surface, and remote sensing.
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