The Agency has been launched the GEOPORTAL system ( of the national spatial data infrastructure for the purpose of creating, processing, storing, protecting, distributing, using spatial data and information, managing and monitoring activities, and coordinating cooperation between creators and users of spatial data and information.


It aims to create conditions for the prompt and smooth delivery of location-based public services to citizens, to increase operational productivity by introducing spatial data and online information services to the use of public institutions, and to eliminate wasteful budget expenditures and duplicated investments.

The introduction of the Geoportal online system has a significant impact on the creation of value-added products and services by citizens, enterprises and organizations that use spatial data and information, the development and support of useful business ideas and innovations, and it is important to provide users with fast and high-quality services without delays.

The Geoportal system can be accessed with 3 main rights levels: citizen, legal entity, and government organization. You can view the information you need, serve citizens and the public with open information, search and purchase by administrative unit boundaries, names, locations, and various categories. The Geoportal system is connected to the Government Information system and the QPAY payment system.

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