Land Monitoring division


    To conduct basic research, land condition, quality assurance and monitoring activities of the whole territory of Mongolia and to implement integrated management.

Main functions:

  •     To establish a network of land status and quality monitoring for each category of the Integrated NationalLand System, to ensure sustainable operation, and to issue unified conclusions and recommendations nationwide;
  •        To organize land condition and quality assurance at the national level, to compare land condition, quality stability and key indicators with the indicators under initial control, and to make general conclusions and recommendations;
  •         Establish and launch a unified inter-sectoral database on land condition and quality monitoring;
  •      Identify degraded areas, organize land protection and rehabilitation activities in cooperation with relevant organizations, and monitor activities
  •        Maintain and launch basic research, geology and environmental databases;
  •         Receive, register and review documents related to the issuance, extension and revocation of the license of a professional organization to rehabilitate agricultural land that has been severely damaged and damaged by the state guarantee of land condition and quality, conclude contracts with authorized legal entities and monitor its activities; to give conclusions, receive reports and maintain a database;
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