General National Land Management plan

General National Land Management plan

The National General Land Management Plan was approved by Order No. 384 of the Cabinet of Mongolia dated December 19, 2018 (Table 1).

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Table 1. National General land management plan /Government resolution/

Act number


Approved date

To see


Улсын газар зохион байгуулалтын төлөвлөгөө батлах тухай


In the national land management plan for 2020, a total of 13030756.46 km of land is planned for the road, network. These include:

  • Communication line 3369.64 km,
  • Roadways 1283.91 km,
  • Power line 13025594.67 km,
  • Water and heat pipes 503.24
  • Water distribution and pumping facilities are planned for 5 km.

Figure 1. Land size planned in the land management plan for 2020 /percentage/

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