At the general session of the 2022 regular fall session of the State Great Khural (November 17, 2022), it was discussed whether to discuss the draft revision of the General Land Law.

The Land Law was approved on June 7, 2002 with 7 chapters and 64 articles, and since then, due to changes in other laws, there have been a total of 32 amendments, resulting in 7 overlaps, 29 violations, and 25 violations in the law.

As of today, there are more than 60 laws and about 200 administrative normative acts regulating land, and these act simultaneously, creating duplication, and violation of laws, creating incomprehensible legal consequences for users, state and local organizations, citizens, and legal entities. Therefore, it shows the need to solve the problem of unified systematization of legislation on land.

In the sense that land relations are a fundamental issue related to Mongolia's independence and national security, a revised draft of the General Land Law has been developed with 11 chapters and 110 articles, including regulations for a unified and stable land policy, planning, implementation, and control.

In the draft law, in relation to land, the territory of Mongolia must be inseparably intact, the land classfication must be unified, the land should be under state protection, not to carry out any activities contrary to the health of the population, nature protection, or national security, use, protect, and restore the land in accordance with the conditions and procedures prescribed by law, compensate for the damage caused, and It is stipulated that basic principles such as removal, transparency and openness of land information will be followed at all levels.

Lands other than those owned by citizens of Mongolia shall be public property of the state and henceforth state-owned land, and the type, purpose, amount, time, limitations, conditions and requirements for transferring and using state-owned land to others are specifically specified.

The special feature of the law is that it defines the activities of land organization in a comprehensive way, makes clear the sequential activities of planning, and creates a legal framework for regulating relationships related to the formation, operation, and provision of services.

The draft law stipulates the application of the auction method for the granting of limited land rights and the use of land under contract at the request of the citizen, at the initial price of the auction, by project selection, and the auction method is included.

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